Wednesday Prompt Smash: Heartbreaker Virus

Prompt: Heartbreaker Virus Word Limit: 200 words Each breath was more painful than the last, fluid could be felt as it built up in her lungs. With every cough there was little blood spatter, it hurt so much she couldn’t even close her eyes to sleep. Slowly she could feel her body degrading, she could … Continue reading Wednesday Prompt Smash: Heartbreaker Virus


Saturday Word of the Day: Dowie

*Dowie: dull, melancholy, dismal. Sickness could make one very dowie. The constant need to blow one's nose combined with the fog filling one's mind, made for a very lethargic being. Blocked ears and droopy eyes, competing with the sniffling and coughing for immediate attention. Yes it made one very dowie. - END-