Wednesday Prompt Smash: Virus

Prompt: Virus Word Limit: 500 words A/N: For the sake of this prompt I’m going to be making a clarification and inputting a definition for virus. As you may be aware in the modern age the term virus is used for many things, a viral disease or a computer virus are completely different so I … Continue reading Wednesday Prompt Smash: Virus



Songs Into Stories 3: Shots by Imagine Dragons “I’m sorry, sorry for everything I’ve done.” My hand trembles on the trigger, slowly I squeeze it tight and after the bang sounds out I regret it. Xxx “Father forgive me for I have sinned.” Confession is not a way to alleviate the guilt you feel, but … Continue reading Shots

Writing 101: Day 13- Compose a series of vignettes

A/N: So I'm not really sure how I'll go with this task but here it goes. Her gown was dripping red. What a pretty colour thought the man as he laid upon the floor boards, such a nice contrast between the scarlet on the aquamarine. He was feeling woozy, and rather faint, and it was … Continue reading Writing 101: Day 13- Compose a series of vignettes